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Unholy DK 1 Button Burst (Cast ... Here are a few macros that all Unholy Death Knights can benefit from. This page is part of our Unholy Death Knight PvP Guide. TABLE OF CONTENTS OF THIS PAGE 1. Asphyxiate 123 Macro 2. Death Grip 123 Macro 3. Mind Freeze 123 Macro 4. Pet Kick 123 Macro 5. The set macro cannot be used in combat since the game will not allow macro editing during combat. AutoPartyButtons addon adds a single button that automatically puts TotT on the tank. Step 1: Create a blank macro named TotT. Step 2: Create the following macro named as you please, for this example SeTTotT. Usage :. Legion Unholy Death Knight macro for PvE and PvP. Some macro's to help increase burst efficiency, cc, pet management, and more. Macros Below. _BELOW_Easy Bur.
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